• Ashley Wagner

White Oaks, NM

White Oaks is named for the white oak trees surrounding a nearby spring. in 1885 a Denver reporter remarked that the people there were of "intelligence and culture," and that their influence had an ennobling effect on pioneer life." Pat Garrett was the sheriff in the early 1880s, and Billy the Kid was an occasional visitor. In order of pictures, the Gumm residence-- built by a family who owned sawmills and a woodworking factory. The brick schoolhouse has only 4 classrooms despite its large size. Hoyle mansion-- Built in 1887 by Watson Hoyle who was partial owner of the most profitable gold mine in White Oaks. Actually, the Gumm house has the same floor plan as the Hoyle house, but in reverse. The Cedervale Cemetery holds the grave sites of the the first New Mexico governor, W.C. McDonald, and Susan McSween Barber, the Cattle Queen of New Mexico. All info taken from "New Mexico's Best Ghost Towns" by Philip Varney.


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