• Ashley Wagner

The Art of Dress on New Mexico Living

Excerpt from New Mexico Living:

New Mexico has a style all its own as highlighted by Ashley Wagner the Rhinestone Rambler. Rhinestone Rambler is a fashion and travel blog that has a heart for the American Southwest.

Wagner explains that she encountered fashion historian Cassidy Zachary through a newspaper article and discovered they both shared backgrounds in fashion and both had deep roots in Corrales.

Cassidy earned her undergraduate degree in costume design from the University of New Mexico where she realized her passion for fashion history. She then graduated with her master’s in fashion history from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

After moving back to New Mexico, Cassidy became co-creator of the successful iHeartRadio podcast, “Dressed: The History of Fashion” which brings her audience stories on the social and cultural significance of the clothes we wear.

The Art of Dress can be found on Instagram.


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