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NFR Fashion Essentials 2018: What to Pack for Rodeo's Most Important Week

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Whether this is your first NFR (National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, NV), or you are a seasoned vet, I have got you covered! I have 2 words to get you on the right track; Bling & Fringe! Below is my list of ESSENTIALS for the biggest week in rodeo. Be sure to check my social media regularly, as I will be posting deals for these and other brands in the days leading up.

1) All Fringe Everything

2) Hat

3) Cowgirl Bling

4) Wildrag

5) Boots

6) Statement Bells, Skirt, or Jumpsuit

7) Duster ('cuz it's fun to act a little bit outlaw)

1) All Fringe Everything

Vintage Boho Bags has the best priced refurbished authentic Louis Vuitton bags that I have come across. These are HUGE in western fashion right now. I am a fan of all her charms and various straps that customize my look. To sweeten the pot even more, she holds flash sales multiple times a year where she drastically cuts prices and even offers around 8-10 bags for $99. It's unheard of. To save even more, use code ASHLEY10 at checkout.

If you're a bit more budget-conscious, but still need ALL the fringe, check out Kippy Lou's Leather. The artisan, Chantell, will custom make you something stunning according to your specifications. Added bonus, this business is based out of Logan, New Mexico.

If you want to take your fringe addiction to the next level, might I suggest this sequin and fringe jumpsuit at Fashion Nova? I can't wait to wear mine to one of the NFR parties this December. To keep things fresh, I like mixing the sexy streetwear pieces on Fashion Nova with western brands. Bonus: If you are a first time shopper, click this link to get 30% off.

For a more subtle approach, try this fringe skirt by Rock and Roll Denim.

2) Hat

There are two ways to go about this. The more traditional cowboy hat will always be in fashion at NFR. I particularly like the offerings at Biggar Hat Store because of the custom artwork option.

Lately, I have been leaning towards a more modern western look, and have barely taken off this beauty by Baron Hats. They are THE premier Hollywood hat maker, and have made hats for some of my favorite western shows-- Deadwood and West World, to name a couple.

Shirt and overalls by Native Girl

3) Cowgirl Bling

Silver is the most popular option at NFR, and you can't go wrong by wearing jewelry that also helps farmers. Check out Farm Charms by Farmer's Daughters. The bracelets are dainty, but eye-catching. Current charms: bee, chile, watermelon, tractor, rake. A portion of the proceeds are donated to organizations that help farmers.

If you're not lucky enough to have inherited antique pieces from grandma's jewelry chest, check out Gertrude Zachary Jewelry. This New Mexico staple features the work of numerous local Native American artisans, and is known for being top notch. They will ship in time for NFR.

Photography by Studio Seven Productions, Wardrobe by The Wild Rose in Old Town, NM & Meredith Lockhart, HMU Trisha Feliz.

What? You're sick of your squash blossom? Then add a touch of rocker chic with pieces by RKR Jewelry. Get a load of that onyx!

4) Wild Rag

I love these to add flair to any outfit, whether I am blinged out or playing it low key. These add instant sophistication and style.

Top & Jeans by Cruel Denim

At Buck Wild Rags, you can save an additional 10% off when you use code ASHLEY10 at checkout.

5) Boots

Feast your eyes on these beauties from WonderWest by Boot Barn. I love following them on Instagram for fresh styling ideas, and their website has all the latest trends in western to make you feel trendy yet timeless. I highly recommend you check them out for your boot fix this season.

As for these boots, I may not take them off. Ever. Not only are they ridiculously fashionable, they are comfy too.

6) Statement Bells, Skirt, or Jumpsuit

I like to style sequin skirts and bells from Ruby Rue Jewelry & Accessories with graphic tees. This allows me to sparkle, without necessarily looking like I'm late for the ball. Not that you can be too fancy in Vegas.....

If that's not enough, try this faaaaabulous gold sequin jumpsuit. Pair with your favorite squash blossom, and you're off.

7) Duster ('cuz it's fun to act a little bit outlaw)

The Alpine Blanket Coat available at Cody & Sioux keeps selling out, and it is easy to see why-- It's cozy, can be styled up or down, and will definitely turn heads! Remember, Vegas gets cold at night.

Everything else is blinged, why shouldn't your duster be? I am envisioning these with leather leggings and simple cowgirl boots.

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