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  • Ashley Wagner

Luxuriate in Himalayan Pink Salt at Santa Fe Salt Cave

Last weekend I was in need of relaxation, so I checked out the Santa Fe Salt Cave. It was created from 9 tons of pink salt crystals that were mined in the Himalayan Mountains, and are 250 million years old, free of impurities, and are in perfect crystalline form! A halo generator is used to emit tiny dry salt crystals into the cave, and has a number of benefits including

reducing inflammation in the lungs. I have year round allergies, so the main draw for me was sinus relief. I was not disappointed. Breathing the salt particles in the air opened up my nasal passage. Relief at last! The entire treatment lasted 45 minutes. Owner Kim Rash is a ray of sunshine and treats all her guests like VIPs. Gentle lighting and background music help set the relaxing ambience. Not pictured, but I placed my blanket on the ground and sprawled out. It was reminiscent of the time I was in Mykonos and had the best beach nap of my life. I highly recommend this experience! Even better, this small business is women-owned. Check out their special events for additions like a Native American flutist, and chocolate immersion coming up this month.