• Ashley Wagner

Lincoln, NM Part I

This is the room where in 1878, Billy the Kid was hidden beneath the floor under a bed, wrapped in a blanket with a revolver in his hand. He was 19 years old, scared, and had just been shot in the leg. He and several men had shot down Sheriff William Brady and a deputy in front of Tunstall-McSween's store to retaliate for the murder of John Tunstall (Billy's dear friend) by the sheriff's posse (More on the Lincoln County War later). The sheriff's men tracked Billy's trail of blood to the store, but didn't find him. the Tunstall-McSween Store displays preserved merchandise in the original shelving and cases! Buried out back: Alex McSween and John Tunstall. Many historians think that the graves are not in their correct locations.


Curator at Tunstall Store Museum

Legends of America


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