• Ashley Wagner

Hot Off The Runways! #NYFW Forecasting

Recently, Rhinestone Rambler was featured in a round-up of fashion experts to forecast which trends would be hot in the months and years ahead, entitled, "Fashion Trends 2019-2020 Shared by 40 Fashion Experts." In the spirit of New York Fashion Week, I combed through all of the entries to find you the trends that the most experts agreed upon. Some of what I found is what many of us Western Fashionistas have known for a while-- fringe everything, hippie vibes, hats, and logo accessories will remain HOT! Below is my list. Do you agree? Comment below!

1) Western

2) Feathers

3) Animal Prints

4) Biker Shorts

5) 80’s

6) Modern Hippie

7) Athleisure

8) Sustainable Fashion

9) Logo Accessories

10) Frilly Dresses

11) Living Coral is the Pantone color of 2019

Western (Uh, yeah!)

I've said it once, and I will say it again-- I praised the day I saw Western Fashion on the runways, and it will continue to be hot! This genre is defined by fringe, year-round leather clothing and accessories, and badass hats.


The runways were filled with feather accessories and accents like this:

Animal Prints

I have always considered leopard print a neutral, and particularly interesting when paired with turquoise jewelry. However, snakeskin has hit the scene HARD, and I am more than willing to oblige. Get these pants and more animal prints at Sister Sue's Boutique.

Biker Shorts

Admittedly, biker shorts make me feel a bit exposed, unless I am wearing a large shirt over them. I feel the same about yoga pants. Although Kim Kardashian made this a hot trend, I doubt the longevity, and it seems her mama might agree with me.

80s Fashion

No one worked a power suit quite like Grace Jones, but for an excellent pictorial guide, check out the Daily Beast's round-up here.

You can also expect to see a resurgence of bold and bright colors, including neon, and fanny packs, like this one:

Modern Hippie

Western fashion has been intermingling with hippy chic for a while now. Expect more 70s colors like mustard yellow, burnt orange, olive green, along with tie dye. Some of my favorite pieces are from Ranch Dress'n, including the faux suede and crochet pants pictured below. Use code ASHLEY10 TO SAVE at checkout!


I will admit, during my college days, I wore yoga pants almost every single day. I try to look a bit more professional now, but with fun pieces like these from Ranch Dress'n, I can style athleisure with casual or dressy pieces in my wardrobe to get a variety of looks. This means I can have the best of both worlds. Comfort is king, so expect to see more people wearing sneakers with EVERYTHING, with some 80s touches thrown in. Use code ASHLEY10 TO SAVE at checkout!

Logo Accessories

We country girls have been wearing or lusting after the logo-covered handbags at Vintage Boho Bags for a minute. Stand out from the crowd by customizing yours. Code ASHLEY10 saves money at checkout.

Frilly Dresses

Fashion is fun and big this season, so don't be afraid to be extra! Feminine and frilly details like these are in. See more.

Sustainable fashion

As people become more aware of their carbon footprints, expect to see more vegan leathers, vintage thrift finds, and recycled material clothing. There is no shame in my game-- I'm a regular thrift shopper! Here are some tips for making the most of your thrifting experience.

Pantone Color of the Year: Living Coral

Living Coral will be popular in housewares, fashion, makeup, etc. The good news is, it is flattering to numerous skin tones. Find more Living Coral-colored goods here.


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