• Ashley Wagner

Good Girl Gone All Badd

Pairing feminine and edgy pieces is a timeless styling method that I regularly employ in my wardrobe choices. My go-to look is modern-western, but when I want to amp up the rebel vibe, I add rock-inspired touches. Naturally, my jaw-dropped when I first laid eyes on the Zip Its by Lane, as my two favorite fashions are merged into one beautiful boot. Behold.

How to wear the Zip It Boot

1) I have styled these a number of ways on my Instagram page. The obvious choice is a full-on metal/motorcycle babe look. I wore the Zip Its to a heavy metal concert with a vintage motorcycle jacket, concert tee, dark lipstick, and ripped skinny jeans. The entire look was a big hit in that crowd, but the compliments on my boots were endless. Side note-- my feet did not hurt after hours of dancing!

2) For a practical yet chic look, mix the somewhat masculine Zip It Boots with feminine pieces. In one of these looks I chose a flowy, plaid dress (not forgetting my farmer’s daughter roots), with a fitted leather jacket. Now, I look like I can hop on a motorcycle, or head to a nice dinner.

3) You're more uptown, you say? I've got you covered there too. Below, I paired the boots with a custom turquoise leather skirt by Ranch Rouge, a custom clutch with turquoise detailing by Kippy Lou’s Leather, and a faux fur collared sweater.

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