• Ashley Wagner

Encino, NM

I’ve been to Encino a number of times, but always passing through on my way to somewhere else. A few weeks ago, I made a point to finally walk around. The town was named after the oak trees that used to be abundant in the area-- Encino means “oak” in Spanish. Like so many New Mexico ghost towns or semi-ghost towns, Encino’s rise and decline was tied to the railroad. In 1905, the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway announced plans to install a depot.

The most famous citizen is the eighth Governor of New Mexico, R.C. Dillon. Although he was not born in New Mexico, he moved to the state when he was 12. He later opened a store in Encino called R.C. Dillon & Company.

Even though Highway 60 saw truck traffic in 1918, horse and buggy was still the best way to travel the area for many years.

Historical information pulled from here.


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