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  • Ashley Wagner

Chloride, NM

Summarized from a sign in town—Chloride began as a tent city in 1880 when silver was found in the canyons. It soon grew to 3000 people, mostly hard working, hard drinking, hard rock miners. The town was robust with 9 saloons, 2 general stores, a hotel, a ladies millinery store, a red light district, etc. There was no church. As I drove the rocky narrow road winding to the top of the hill that holds The Santo Nino Cemetery, an on-duty red heeler snapped its teeth and followed my car. The air at the top was so fresh! I heard gunshots in the distance, and hoped the neighbors were hunting and not trying to send the intruder (ME) a message. On the way out of town, the only other humans I saw was a family in their yard. A man was exercising his horse by leading it by rope from his old turquoise pickup truck (70s?)