• Ashley Wagner

5 Ways to Revamp Your Old Boots!

I collect boots—cowgirl boots, over the knee boots, ankle booties, you name it! Over the years I have gotten tired of wearing sky-high stilettos and have opted for more comfort and bad-assery in my wardrobe. Although there is nothing quite like finally buying that amazing pair of boots you have had your eyes on for a while, sometimes that is just not feasible. Below are my top 5 ways to revamp the boots you already own!

1) Boot Covers

2) Boot Pockets

3) Gypsy Boot Makeover

4) Boot Bling

5) Boot Straps

Boot Covers

I love me some faux fur in the winter, and these boot covers from @beverlyhills_annie do not disappoint! These add instant glam to any outfit. Buy here.

Boot Pockets

I have featured various boot pockets by @hulluhdesigns180 in many of my Instagram posts over the last year because they are fun, AND allow me to go hands-free. Festival season is right around the corner, and I don’t care to lug a big purse around. Who is with me? Buy here.

Gyspy Boot Makeover

It’s true, I have jumped on the gypsy boot trend full throttle. At @86dbootco you can either buy ready-made gypsy boots, or send in yours for customization! I especially like to wear with jeans that are cut at the ankle or with shorts. Buy here.

Boot Bling

I like bling on my hands, my neck, my ears, AND my boots! At @meredithwaterstraat_art I can do just that! Let her customize a piece for you, or shop here.

Boot Straps

Add a rebellious touch to your boots with straps. This pair is simple and versatile. Buy here:

To see more of my favorite boot accessories, check out my Amazon Storefront here:


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